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Ttusted furniture removals and home removals

Removal Essentials

All our vehicles are dispatched with blankets, ropes and strapping material.

We supply the following items that you might require during your move to protect the delicate and fragile items against any breakage, damage or scratches. 

BUBBLEWRAP Bubblewrap is a protective plastic wrap made of bubbles. R 2.50 p/m
CorroBoard R 13.20 p/kg
Plastic Furniture Tubing Plastic tubing form a protective layer around your items. R 18.00 p/kg
Aerothene Ideal to protect fragile and delicate items against breakage or damage R 4.80 p/m
Packing Tape R 11.50 p/roll
MOVING CARTONS 300 X 230 X 300 Suitable for packing glassware and ornaments
450 X 300 X 300 Suitable for packing books ,crockery,small appliances and kitchenware
600 X 460 X 300 Suitable for packing linen,clothes,cushions and toys
450 X 450 X 500 Suitable for packing linen,general household goods and appliances.
Removal bubblewrap Trusted removal Boxes Office Removal Corroboard Office removal Aerothene
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